Improving Evacuations to Save Lives

Welcome! I am dr. Natalie van der Wal, expert in agent-based modelling and simulation and cognitive and social psychology. I aim to improve evacuations with my interdisciplinary research, to ultimately save lives. I also aim to improve our understanding of human behaviour through computer simulations and support humans with technology, currently in the area of safety, health and energy transition. Find more info about my research, publications, academic activities, and downloads on this site. Besides an academic, I am also a yoga and dance teacher, see the ‘yoga/dance’ page.

dr. Natalie van der Wal
Associate Professor Systems Engineering and Simulations
Department of Multi-Actor Systems
Delft University of Technology


research interests: socio-technical systems; crowd behaviour; evacuation; energy transition, group decision-making; computational modelling and simulation; emotional influence; laughter; positive psychology; health and well-being interventions